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Lumber. Wood Siding. Molding. House Trim.

In Waco, Texas, seasoned professionals and serious do-it-yourselfers look to Circle Hardware Supply for home building materials.


A unique and outstanding shopping experience for building supplies in Waco, Texas’.  Make every project easy – get in, get what you need, get back to your project.  Interior and exterior building materials. Tools and accessories to get the job done.


We’re here for small contractors, home restorers. maintenance pros.


When planning your next project – remodeling, repairing, restoring, or maintaining – make Circle Hardware Supply your first thought, first choice, and first stop.


Convenience Lumber Shop

Just need a few boards and some help loading it into your truck? We are conveniently located and friendly, with a selection of the most popular building materials for home improvement and repair projects.

Building Materials for Indoors and Outdoors

Get Your Lumber

Dimensional Lumber

Whether your building project is inside or outside at your home or business, find the building materials you need at Circle Hardware Supply. Your one-stop shop.

Are you looking to build a:


• Garage or workshop

• Outdoor storage sheds

• Playhouses or forts for the kids or grandkids

• Shelters for your pets

• Patio covers

• Decks or fences


Our local warehouse stores more than we can. If you need something you don’t see – just ask. We may be able to order it and have it in 1 business day.


Asking “Where can I find a selection of building materials near me?” Circle Hardware Supply: Off of I-35 in Waco, Texas. South of the traffic circle.


There are many places to buy lumber in Waco, TX, for both seasoned professionals and homeowners who want to do it themselves.


Circle Hardware Supply carries basic lumber lines for remodeling, restoring, repairing, and maintenance.


We carry pre-cut wood for shelving, posts, studs, planks, and more.  Pressure treated lumber and fence lumber, along with the best full service experience.


Cut While You Shop

Bring in your dimensions and get wood cut to your specifications.


Special Order Available

We can cut an order of several pieces of lumber for your project. Call or stop in with dimensions and we’ll schedule a convenient pick up with you.


Circle Hardware Supply: The lumber you need to get it done.


Circle Hardware Supply offers a selection of standard sized boards.


SPF Dimensional Lumber

Our selection of untreated Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF) dimensional lumber is lightweight and versatile for many construction projects. It generally has few knots.


Yellow Pine

Our selection of treated yellow pine is dense and strong – an excellent choice for structural projects. It withstands a range of weather conditions year-round.


White Pine

Our selection of untreated white pine is lightweight and evenly textured. It is a fine wood for molding, trim, and paneling.



Different from lumber, plywood is a sheet material of glued layers of wood veneer.


The Circle Hardware Supply selection of plywood includes 4 foot x 8 foot sheets of:


• ¼ inch thickness

• ½ inch thickness

• ¾ inch thickness

• BC plywood

• CD plywood

• CD-treated plywood



Circle Hardware also carries engineered wood particle board, or OSB (oriented strand board).


What are you building? Our associates can help you find exactly the interior or exterior building materials you need to get the job done right.

Our Home Siding Selection

Wood Home Siding

The Beauty and Durability  of Exterior Home Siding

Wood Siding & More

The curb appeal of your home depends on many things, but siding has a large part. House siding wraps the building, protecting the walls, and makes up the largest part of what people see.


Many homes in the Waco, Texas area have classic wood siding. Over time, house siding needs to be replaced or upgraded. Got a siding project? Need to repair damaged home siding?


We can match a variety of wood siding for repair and replacement so no one will be able to tell.

We can answer your questions about weather resistance, warranty, and maintenance for any of the house siding we carry.


Talk to an associate at Circle Hardware for whatever you need. We love to help you get ready for your siding project.


Wood is lightweight and easy to work with. It makes a beautiful siding material that is highly customizable to the homeowner's preferences. Our exterior wood siding is available in several woods. We cut wood siding to your needs. We can match many wood siding types.











Yellow Pine Wood Siding

Treated yellow pine is tough and versatile. Dense and strong, it withstands wear from the harshest weather conditions that central Texas has to offer. Circle Hardware Supply carries a selection of treated yellow pine wood siding in the most popular pattern stocks, including shiplap.


Make sure you have any paint or stain you need for your wood siding as well.


Durable. Natural. Sophisticated.

Wooden home siding adds to your home's beauty while protecting it from the elements.

Many Molding and Trim Choices

Moldings and trims are used to create a transition between rooms, decoratively showing your style and taste. Instantly change the look of a room. Protect your home's other materials. Increase your home's value and beauty.


From crown moldings to baseboards, Circle Hardware stocks the highest quality for your home's interior. If your project calls for moldings and trim, we have a wide variety of styles and sizes.


If you don't see what you're looking for, ask us. We will check with your vendors to get the wall moldings, and window and door trims that you need.


Circle Hardware: Get your house trim and moldings. Get the project done.


Baseboards preserve flooring and finish the room. Wall moldings enhance any space.


Crown moldings elegantly elevate any room. Flooring transition strips make spaces flow. For wood moldings, for any part of your room from floor to ceiling, Circle Hardware has a selection to suit your style and space.


Wood moldings and trim protect your flooring, drywall, and other building materials. But they can be eye-catching too.


Trim doors, window sills, and the ceilings of each room for a finished, designer look. Get more beautiful space with window moldings. Make any entrance grand with the right door moldings.


Colored ceiling moldings pop against wall paint. Enhance your home's beauty and charm with stylish house trim and moldings. Wood moldings can be painted or stained to add color and richness to your home decor.


Outstanding customer service. For over 70 years, Circle Hardware is the local hardware store that has supplied Waco, Texas with quality moldings and trims, building materials, and hardware.


Moldings from Floor to Ceiling

Stylish House Trim

Builder's Hardware and Connectors

Nails, Screws, Bolts, Washers, and More

Every building project requires the right building materials. When you're building, repairing, or reinforcing, stop by and check out our selection of connectors and builders' hardware.


We can help you find the right builders' hardware for your DIY project.


For your construction you will find:


• Simpson Strong Tie angles

• Straps and plates

• Joist hangers

• High-wind ties

• Post caps

• Post column bases

• Anchors

• Fasteners


Circle Hardware: your hometown home building materials supply.




To get the job done right, you need all the right building materials.


Don’t forget your nails, screws, bolts, and washers. We have a wide selection and in many cases you don’t have to buy a full box. You can just bag what you need from our bins. We sell nails by the pound.


Circle Hardware: making building project of every size easy.


Get Safety Equipment and Tools

On any building project, you can't be too safe. Get what you need to make any project safe.


If you need general tools for every day building projects, Circle Hardware has the best selection. Specialized projects need special tools. No matter what building materials and tools you need, check with us.



Your Neighborhood Hardware Store

Decades of experience serving the needs of the Waco community has taught us that Texans like to get things done.


From the simple weekend project to a large scale repair. Siding, door and window moldings, interior and exterior building materials. Whatever you need, we can help.


Circle Hardware: Get the job done.

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