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Glass cutting is a delicate process. It requires the right training, tools, and equipment. The Circle Hardware Supply team in Waco, Texas cuts single-pane glass for home or business windows.


Single Pane Glass Cutting

If you need insulated, double-pane, or gas-filled window glass repaired, it’s time for a trip to the glass shop. But if you need single-pane glass, bring the measurements to Circle Hardware.


Non-Standard Sizes

Order as many pieces of glass as you need in whatever sizes. Many building windows are standard sizes, but some are not. Long and thin, perfectly square, or oversized - we can handle precision glass cutting for unique specifications.



Walk in with your measurements, walk out with your glass.

Immediate Service

Have your new glass pieces ready before you know it. Circle Hardware offers immediate, friendly service. We can cut your glass while you shop for the other supplies you need to replace it.


Professional tools for precision cutting. Friendly associates. Safety and quality, every time. Circle Hardware: Need glass? Get it. Get the job done.


Place a Pick-Up Order for Single Pane Glass

Need to pick up several pieces of glass? Call us with the measurements that you need and we can schedule a time for you to pick it up all at once.

Call Circle Hardware Glass Cutting Now

Get several pieces of glass cut to many different sizes and pick them up at your convenience. Friendly local glass cutting services. For windows. For French doors. For sturdiness and style. For safety and peace of mind.

Circle Hardware Supply: Local. Professional. Helpful.


Whether you need square pieces for a door or large glass for a tabletop, bring us the measurements and we'll help you get your home or business back in order.


Convenient Waco, Texas Location

Are you thinking: "I need quick glass cutting near me"?  Off I-35, conveniently located south of the traffic circle, Circle Hardware Supply is your hometown Waco, Texas hardware store that offers single-pane glass cutting.


Replacing Broken Glass Yourself

The Tools and Supplies You Need

Safely and properly replace a single glazed pane of glass in a window or door in a weekend DIY project. Get all the supplies in a single stop at Circle Hardware Supply.


Replacing a Broken Glass Pane

Replace a piece of broken glass in a few easy steps:


• Remove the broken glass. Remove any putty, wood, or molding holding it in place.


• Measure the window pane. Take accurate measurements for your replacement single-pane glass piece.


• Bring your measurements to Circle Hardware for full, custom glass cutting services, tools and supplies,      and DIY help and advice.


• Install a very thin line of putty around the window frame. Just enough to provide a seal.


• Install the replacement pane. Slide the new pane into place and secure with Glazier’s points.


• Apply additional putty. Replace wood or molding.


• Paint. Follow instructions for dry time, and paint to match your home.


If you’ve never replaced a broken pane of glass before, ask us. Circle Hardware has a friendly and knowledgeable glass cutting team. We not only help you get it done - but we help you get it done right.


Stellar Customer Service. Unique Customer Experience.

Glass Cutting Services in
Waco, Texas

Circle Hardware offers quality, precision residential and commercial glass cutting for single-pane glass, supplies for window repair, and more.


Our customer service is why we're recognized around the Waco, Texas community. Stop in our convenient location and see the Circle Hardware Supply difference for yourself.




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